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The arts encompass a large part of my life, and this website is a place to display my art, projects, professional work, and more.

“Enjoy the process. Get messy and share something beautiful with the world.”


I’m inspired by the play of light and color across the sky, by the shading and patterns across a wall or passerby as the sun or moon moves across a window. I’m inspired by all the people I know and meet, by my children, by the animals and plants who have graced me with their presence. I’m inspired by the chance to be reckless with color, daring with patterns and unconventional with materials. I’m inspired by the chance to get messy and make something beautiful, pouring out the images from deep within me, that I can share with the world.

Artist Statement

ᏣᎳᎩ, mother, artist, lover, veteran; figuring out this thing called life. Kimberly (Cherokee) was born and raised deep in the country of rural Oklahoma. An eclectic multi-media artist, Kimberly is also a mother and passionate advocate for sustainability and preservation ranging from permaculture to vital cultural matrimony. In 2007, Kimberly enlisted to serve for six years in the United States Air Force. In that time, she obtained an Associates of Science in Business Administration, an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Systems Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Leadership. She began working professionally in the museum field in 2015 and over the course of her career, she acquired training and certifications in collections care, digitization, social media and marketing, and records management. In 2021, she earned a Professional Master of Business Administration. Her large diversity of life experiences has a dynamic and encompassing impact on her work.

Get in Touch!


I am committed to straightforward and equitable rates. To promote honest and understandable expenses for my services, I believe in publicly publishing the rates I must charge. 
Below are my Oklahoma-based 2022 Contractor/Freelance Rates  


Graphic Design – $75 per hour 

Pattern Maker – $75 per hour 

Copywriting – $35 per hour 

Model – $45 per hour 

Stylist/HMU – $400 per shoot day 


Consult/Admin – $45 per hour 

Website | E-Commerce 

Initial Consultation – Free 

Deposit & Retainer – $1,500 

Design & Development – $65 per hour 

E-Commerce/Payment Integration – $65 per hour 

Management – $45 per hour 

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