‘Long Man’ Acrylic on Canvas

Long Man
“Long Man” Acrylic on Canvas KD Galonedi, 2017

Yvwi Gvnahita

‘Walk on down to the Long Man

Where the living waters speak

Steady your spirit by pitching

What the flowing surface will seize

Walk on down to the Long Man

Where the garlic and hitchhikers grow

Mash and mix and from his water dip

And blend in a fired bowl

Hold to your lips and sip

What only a Long Man can teach’

            —KD Galonedi

Please use the following for citations:

Title: Yvwi Gvnahita
Author: KD Galonedi
Year: 2017

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Published by KD Galonedi

A member of the Cherokee Nation, from the A ni wo di “Paint” Clan, trekking through the epic of Motherhood. With a short attention span, insatiable curiosity and a need to create, she builds worlds with words, her mind’s eye through art, and laconic thought through poetry. After six years in the United States Air Force, the completion of three college degrees, KD is finally focusing again on her artistic calling while also working professionally in the museum field. Outside of work, she spends most of her time attempting housewifery, chasing around children, experimenting in the kitchen, procrastinating online, painting, promoting sustainability, running, reading, and writing.

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