Hobbies for Success


We live in a busy world where we’re led to believe that every second not used to the fullest is wasted.

Is that necessarily true?

Well, the short answer is yes. But that does not necessarily mean that all that time needs to be consumed by your career, checking all those emails, replying to every text message, scrolling through your social media feed or keeping up with the media.

Will all that time really bring you fulfillment? Will it really improve your ability to serve your company? Will it really foster your career growth?

Probably not.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, side ventures outside of your day job are something that many companies look for when making hiring decisions.


Companies and the company you keep want to see someone who isn’t one-dimensional. They want to see someone who has the ability, passion, and commitment to build something outside of their respective career. Someone who can lead and take intelligent risks.


Set aside time for your hobbies.

As counterintuitive to your time as they may seem, hobbies are very important to the emotional health of successful individuals.

Much of what makes you unhappy at work is completely out of your control. Set that aside and focus on a hobby with your own two hands. You’re in control, and you can accomplish anything! There is no one breathing down your neck. No deadlines. Just you, your hobby, and the time you have carved out for just yourself.

Pause. Quit stretching yourself thin in so many different directions. Narrow down and become totally absorbed in one task. The results are in. Multitasking is not all that it is cracked up to be, and honestly, becomes a nasty and damaging habit for many who have not learned how to cope with the stressors of work and life.

A break in your hectic day? Instead of sitting there unsure of what to do, pick up that paintbrush, strap on those running shoes, pack your camera equipment, break out your knitting needles, crack open that novel you’ve been putting off reading.

It is YOUR time. No one else’s. And you deserve it.

Here are 15 ways that hobbies are a personal and professional benefit to you and your career growth.

  1. Clears Your Mind
  2. Ignites Creativity
  3. A Breakaway from Multitasking
  4. Structures Your Time
  5. Promotes Flow
  6. Fosters Connections
  7. Helps You Become Interesting
  8. Helps Coping with Stress
  9. Grows Skills
  10. Increases Patience
  11. Builds Confidence
  12. Reduces Boredom
  13. A Foundation for Enrichment
  14. Helps You Embrace Challenges
  15. Prevents Bad Habits

Do you have hobbies? What do you have to talk about? What can you bring to the conversation? If the only things that come to mind are your day at work, that deadline that is coming up, or vague references to the weather, where does that leave you? Think about it.

If you have hobbies that you want to pursue, do it!

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