Earrings | Mastodon Bone – Purple


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Purple glass seed beads, cedar berries, metal bars, and at the center, fossilized Mastodon bone.

For the peoples of the land now called America, a connection with the long-extinct mastodon goes deep into our earliest years on
this continent. As early as 130,000 years in fact. When I was a child, I loved learning about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals that
used to roam across this land. My children love them just as much as I do. When I told them the story about the mastodon and the
connection with our ancestors, their eyes lit up. I’ll never forget that moment! These earrings hold a piece of those ancient days
bridged with the present.

ᎤᏪᏘ ᎤᎭᏓᏗᏨᎢ – uweti uhadaditsvi – Fossil

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Design copyright: Kimberly Lollis-McCauley


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